5-Star Review Videos

Does EVERYONE Know How Great Your Business Is?

With so many people starting businesses and many times, offering the same services as the next it can be hard for potential clients to sift through the clutter. Are you interested in setting yourself apart from the rest? Five star review videos can do just that! Many people rely on reviews of others before making a final decision to choose which business they will patronize. 

Our videos are the perfect solution for you. 

  • Affordable– Our monthly package provides you with one five star video each month at a cost of just $250. Each video is approximately one minute. We offer a 6-Month package at a discounted rate of $200 per video.
  • Customizable– We will use colors that complement or match that of your brand. You can also choose whether you would like a male or female spokesperson. The image of your business can be indoors or outside, whichever you prefer.
  • Social Proof– Each video showcases a review that you actually received. You can select from customer reviews and employee reviews.
  • Easy to Use– We will post your videos to your social media feeds automatically. Our platform connects with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • SEO Friendly– Search engines always search for new content to help your site’s ranking. In spite of changing algorithms, that fact never changes.

Here are two examples:

All new customers will receive a chance to win a 4 Day/3 Night vacation voucher! Choose from Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, New York, and Orlando. There is NO timeshare presentation involved. *One per customer.

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